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Vivaahmarriage bureau is working since Feb-2004 More then 850 Succesful married Couples are all over the world.

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100% Successful Match Making

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  • Khyati Asarawala & Ashish Bhavsar

    A loving note can barely express how you have added to happiness in our life. We would like to send our sincerest thanks to Vivaah Marriage Bureau Team and Chandni Dalal

  • Pooja Topiwala & Shalin Chokshi

    Thank you Chandni Dalal for being a mediator and helpful to us for finding each other.

  • Lekha Mody & Vrajesh Chokshi

    Finding the love mate-soul mate is made possible when one has already experienced. A life time wrth of love. Thank you Vivaah Marriage Bureau thank you Chandniben.

  • Fora Shah & Manan Shah

    Very very thankful to Vivaah Marriage Bureau team for your support so I get my life partner.

  • Archita Reshamwala & Aayush Desai

    Thank you Vivaah marriage bureau for your kind support.

  • Shivani Solapurwala & Khanjan Thumbar

    We both are thankful of Vivaah marriage Bureau to help us in search. We are perfect match of each other. Vivaah made a perfect is really a perfect place for educated people

  • Biyanka Kapdia- Sunny Papiyawala
    Surat -now USA

    Marriage is made in haven but hear we have to do efforts.that efforts done by Chandni Dalal for searching PERFECT life partner.

  • Rupal and Binoy

    For my five years of success full and happy marriage life, I am really thankful to Ms. Chandni and Vivaah Marriage Bureau. It was very hard decision of my life as he was leaving in Australia. But with Chandni's friendly support the hard decision become very easy for me. I found that Chandni is not professional but a trustworthy and reliable friend. Vivaah Marriage Bureau is the good media of searching your perfect one as it provides you high profile portfolios which suit your little requirements. I really recommend Vivaah Marriage Bureau for the search of your perfect one.

  • Premal - Urvi

    Marriage is the union of two divinities that a third might be born on earth. It is the union of two souls in a strong love for the abolishment of separateness.It is that higher unity which fuses the separate unities within the two spirits. It is the golden ring in a chain whose beginning is a glance, and whose ending is Eternity.Vivaah Marriage has given me that charish moment.

  • Tejas & Shreya Pathak

    I would like to say big thank you to Chandaniben (vivaah marriage bureau) for helping me to find my soulmate. I live in UK and I came to India for short time and we contacted Chandaniben through reference. When we meet had she promised that I won't be single anymore when I go back to UK and within 2 weeks I found my soulmate Shreya. We had 2 meetings and our family liked each other and we decided to go ahead for marriage. I would highly recommend anyone to go vivaah marriage burea where you will find sophisticated family and well educated life partner. Once again thanks from both of us for helping us to find our soulmates. - Tejas & Shreya Pathak

Our Success Couple

  • Success couple no 779: CONGRATULATION!! Parth Gandhi (Businessman-Kenya) & Hitakshi Modi (BDS)
  • Success couple no 778: CONGRATULATION!! Hardik Shah (BE EC) & Dr. Shilpi Gandhi (BDS)
  • Success couple no 777: CONGRATULATION!! Pratik Degadwala (B.TECH Mechanical) & Nairuti Chokkas (MBA)
  • Success couple no 776: CONGRATULATION!! Hardik Shah (M.COM,LLB,LLM,INTER CA) & Shruti Kapadia (M.COM)
  • Success couple no 775:CONGRATULATION!! Dr. Jigar Modi (MS BIO MEDICAL SCIENCE) & Dr. Bhumika Tandel(MBBS MPH)
  • Success couple no 774:CONGRATULATION!! Dr. Prabhav Tijoriwala (MS ORTHOPEDIC) & Dr.Tanvi Bankar (MPT ORTHO)
  • Success couple no 773:CONGRATULATION!! Vrajesh Choksi (Businessman) & Lekha Mody (Architect)
  • Success couple no 772:CONGRATULATION!! Nakul Shah(ME-Surat) & Ishita Shah (BPT-Bardoli)
  • Success couple no 771:CONGRATULATION!! Dr.Hardik Shah (MBBS) & DR.Zankhana Modi (MBBS)
  • Success couple no 770:CONGRATULATION!! Dr.Vatsal Bhansali (MPT-ORTHO) & Binita Shah (B.PHARMA)
  • Success couple no 769: CONGRATULATION!! Siddharth Parikh (BE Mechanical) & Nirzari Smart (HR)
  • Success couple no 768: CONGRATULATION!! Khanjan Thumbar (Actor) & Shivani Sholapurwala (HR N Content Writer)
  • Success couple no 767: CONGRATULATION!! Manan Shah Businessman /CA (Valsad) & Fora Shah HR (Surat)
  • Success couple no 764: CONGRATULATION!! PINKESH SHAH (Surat-Mumbai) & BHAVINI GOLWALA (Surat)

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New Candidates

ProfileId : vivaahQR0040811 Education : Medicine Profession : Just complete the study Caste : vaishnav(Lingayat (Vaishnav))
ProfileId : vivaahMJ9040741 Education : Computers/ IT Profession : study Caste : Ghachi(Surti Modh Vanik)
ProfileId : vivaahJQ6040731 Education : Computers/ IT Profession : Job Caste : Ghachi(Ahmedawadi)
ProfileId : vivaahOS5040721 Education : Architecture Profession : Business Caste : Patel(Kadva Patel)
ProfileId : vivaahLF4040651 Education : Engineering/ Technology Profession : JOB Caste : vaishnav(Lad Vaishnav Vaniya)
ProfileId : vivaahJA1040591 Education : Medicine Profession : Business Caste : Ghachi(Amdavadi Modh Ganchi)